The GT3

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It's the wheel that wouldn't die. It's the wheel that wouldn't change (much). It's also the wheel that can't seem to stop racking up race wins, despite evolution in other wheels from competing manufacturers, and also within Hed's own product line. You may call it a 'Trispoke', a '3-spoke', or simply the 'Hed 3'.

Design for the original wheel began in the 1980's, and save a major overhaul to the hub design in 2007, it has remained largely unchanged. A special 'deep' version also came out at the 2005 Tour de France, under the likes of one Juan Pelota, however the basic wheel structure was the same (it had a deeper rim 'skin' laid over it).

Today, all of that is officially changing. It's time to say hello to the GT3:

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