Stinger 9

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Do you like going (really) fast?  Do you love the light weight of tubular wheels?  Are you mad for the deepest-section time trial killer on the planet?  The Stinger 9 has all of your bases covered. 

This wheel is primarily used as a front wheel for time trials (paired with a rear Stinger disc), or as a rear wheel for triathlon (paired with a Stinger 4 or 6 front).  Its massive depth and width mean that it can sail like crazy with the wind – providing maximum aerodynamic advantage.  Note that we do not generally recommend the Stinger 9 as a front wheel for light weight riders, or folks who aren’t particularly confident on a bike.  It’s a speed machine for the most discerning bicycle racers among you.

*Also available with all-white HED wheel decals (call for details)


Rim Type:
Rim Depth:
Rim Width:
Braking Surface:
Hub Model:
Hed 545 Straight Pull
Hub Compatibility:
Shimano/Campy 9, 10, 11
Build and Spokes:
18 front, 24 rear Standard
Spoke Type:
Bladed steel
Powertap Option:
Track Option:
Wheel size:
Wheel Set Weight:
Titanium Skewers, Valve Extenders
Rim Shape Patent #:
US 8,888,195 B1 - US 9,463,666 B2