Stinger 3


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What if we told you that the Stinger 3 could carry you uphill faster than a hot air balloon strapped to the space shuttle?  Or that you could break every local Strava segment by 50%?  While that might be a (slight) exaggeration, the point remains that these babies are made for one thing: Climbing.

At sub-1,200 grams per pair, don’t think that Stingers are flimsy race-only wheels, either.  They’re built with 18 front and 24 rear spokes, along with the signature Hed balance of proper spoke tension, stiffness, and durability.  While not quite as stiff or aerodynamic as the Stinger 5 or 6, they’re built for a different purpose. 

Stingers feature our new 545 rear hub, with 5 pawls and 45 ratchet teeth for faster engagement, along with large bearings for long lasting durability and drag-free operation.  Disc brake option available.

We also offer a cyclocross and cobble-specific version of this rim, the Stinger 3 CX.  This features a wider tire bed, made for increased durability and better fit with 25mm-and-larger tubular tires. 

Got a penchant for serious mountain climbs?  The Stinger 3 has your name all over it.

*Also available with all-white HED wheel decals (call for details)



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Rim Type:
Rim Depth:
Rim Width:
Braking Surface:
Hub Model:
Hed 545 Straight Pull
Hub Compatibility:
Shimano/Campy 9, 10, 11
Build and Spokes:
18 front, 24 rear Standard
Spoke Type:
Bladed steel
Powertap Option:
Track Option:
Wheel size:
Wheel Set Weight:
Titanium Skewers, Valve Extenders
Rim Shape Patent #:
US 8,888,195 B1 - US 9,463,666 B2