Introducing the Raptor

Introducing the new Hed Raptor

They said it couldn't be done.  Plus-size tires and bikes weren't supposed to be fast, win races, or feel as light and agile as their skinny-tire cousins.  We took that as a challenge, and sought to create the widest, lightest, highest-performance 27.5+ carbon wheel in the world.  After countless prototypes and hours of testing, we are extremely proud to bring you the new Raptor.

The numbers don't lie - 45mm external rim width, 40mm inner rim width, and a jaw-dropping 430 gram rim weight.  Combined with a new rim bed shape, tubeless setup is a snap (literally), and offers superb air retention - even at super low pressures.  We offer several hub options to suit your needs, and all Raptors are hand-built with our stringent QC process.

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