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Jet Plus Disc Brake - Aero & Efficiency for All Conditions

First they were just for mountain bikes.  Then they migrated to 'cross bikes.  Then they slowly spread to road bikes.  Finally, it became clear that even TT and triathlon bikes would succumb.  What are we referring to? Disc brakes.  They're seemingly everywhere.  While they're not a panacea and won't transform you from a couch potato to [...]

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Celebrate Cyclocross with the Hed CX Season Special!

If there's one thing we love at Hed, it's monster trucks.  If there's two things, it's monster trucks and cyclocross season.  Both bring a unique blend of dirt, mud, racing, beer, and good clean family fun.  What more could you want?If you're looking for Hed to sponsor your local state fair monster rally, you're going [...]

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Anne Hed Interviewed For "Women in Sports" Segment

We're excited to announce that our very own Anne Hed did an interview with former (Minnesota-local) KQ Morning Show member, Bob Sansevere and Katie Harms on their popular "The BS Show".  In the "Women in Sports" segment, they talked about the beginnings of Hed Cycling Products, Lance Armstrong, the Hed-made Cervelo P5X bike, and much [...]

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Road Tire Pressure for Plus and BLACK Wheels

How much pressure is too much? How low is too low? What’s the sweet spot? Should everyone use the same pressure? How does tire pressure affect the meaning of life?!Big questions – we know. We receive a lot of these inquiries about tire pressure, and there seems to be no shortage of confusion [...]

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Ardennes Plus GP - Hed Quality, Unreal Value

By now, most of you are familiar with our Plus rim technology.  While it was called revolutionary (or crazy) at its introduction, the trademark 25mm-wide rim has now become the clear standard for road, TT, triathlon, gravel, and cyclocross bikes.  Other manufacturers have tried to copy us, but nobody else has our perfect combination of [...]

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Hed & the new Cervelo P5X Superbike

While Hed is better known for our wheels and components, there is another big project that we took on, which you may or may not be aware of. We have a deep knowledge and history of composites manufacturing, and we were approached by one of the benchmark frame companies to make what would become their [...]

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Introducing The Raptor 27.5"

They said it couldn't be done. Plus-size tires and bikes weren't supposed to be fast, win races, or feel as light and agile as their skinny-tire cousins. We took that as a challenge, and sought to create the widest, lightest, highest-performance 27.5+ carbon wheel in the world. After countless prototypes and hours of testing, we [...]

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2017 Hed Cycling Products Sponsored Athletes

Hed has a rich history in racing, and we've been proud to sponsor some of the best athletes in the world since our beginnings in the 1980's. Whether it's the Tour de France, a professional cyclocross race, or even your local fat bike event, Hed products are consistently chosen by athletes who want the fastest [...]

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Hed Expands Offerings in Aftermarket Rims

Friends and Fans of Hed,While we’re best known for selling complete wheels, most of you are aware that we also sell several products as a rim-only for custom builds. Why a rim-only? Maybe you crashed and bent a rim. Maybe you can’t find a 24 hole rim for that special build. Maybe you have a [...]

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