B.F.D. - Big Fat Deal

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If Big Deal is big, the BFD is gargantuan.

Our more discerning customers just weren’t satisfied with an 85mm carbon rim. The bikes keep getting wider, the tires keep getting larger, and the Big Fat Deal is ready for the challenge. At a whopping 100mm wide, it can make the most of your fat bike footprint, for the ultimate in flotation over soft or powdery surfaces. At an incredibly light 500 grams per rim, the BFD is also much lighter than competitors’ skinnier aluminum rims. Combined with a tubeless tire setup, it is possible to lose up to two pounds per wheel when switching to Hed BFDs. Note that the BFD is drilled symmetrically ONLY and cannot accommodate offset frames.

Like the Big Deal, the BFD utilizes Inflatobam, Hed’s patent pending tubeless system for installing big tires. The twin channel rim design provides a better pre-inflation seal by trapping each tire bead against the rim. This drastically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the beads to “bam” into place. In conjunction with the rim shape, Inflatobam utilizes Inflatobands. These effectively provide a variable rim-channel diameter. This compensates for the discrepancies in tire bead diameters by minimizing the gap between the tire and the rim channels (the main source of air leaks). Once seated, the angled bead shelf prevents the tire from collapsing back into the rim at low pressure. Our interior surfacing and tight tolerances ensure no tire burp or slip. Also note that our rim shape does not require tire levers to remove and install tires.

Build Options:

The BFD is available as a rim-only, or as a complete wheel using Hed Brickhouse hubs. Customers may also send in their own hubs for custom builds (see below for further info). The BFD is built with bladed steel spokes and brass nipples.

NOTE: In order to send hubs to us for a custom build, the dealer will need to call 651-653-0202 for an RA number. Hed isn't responsible for lost hubs that are sent without an RA number. Please don't send skewers, cassettes, or other small parts that are unnecessary for the wheel build. Allow 2-3 weeks for turn around.


Tech Notes:

1. Do NOT use tire levers on BFD carbon rims!!!

2. Specific to our Big Deal and BFD carbon rims: If you choose to ride these rims on regular dirt trails (e.g. NOT in soft snow or sand), wider tires and higher air pressure will decrease the chance of rim damage from striking an obstacle. We strongly recommend an honest assessment of your ride style. Use 10 psi minimum on 4" tires, or 8 psi minimum on 5" tires.


⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to WWW.P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV

Tubeless-ready clincher
FAT 26
Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 or SRAM XD
Bladed steel
3.8 - 5.0"
Rim Shape Patent #: