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The H3 has propelled more Grand Tour riders to the podium than any other wheel. Year after year, it is independently chosen by the top riders in the world - when every second counts. The GT3 is the next evolution of that iconic wheel.

Why change? It's not that the H3 got slower - it's that the riders began choosing wider tires. Gone are the days of 18 and 19mm tires for time trials; riders now embrace the comfort and rolling speed advantages of wider rubber. The GT3 features a super-wide 26.5mm rim, optimized for use with modern 21 and 23mm tires.

The GT3 remains a fantastic wheel for time trial and triathlon use. Its solid construction makes it a top choice for athletes with busy travel schedules (and exposure to airline baggage handlers). There are no spokes to break, and the wheel can handle a lot of abuse. It's time for a new era of fast.

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  • Full carbon tubular construction
  • 26.5mm rim width
  • 46.5mm rim depth
  • Optimum tire size: 21 - 23mm
  • Weight: 672 grams (front)
  • Fastest option for non-disc wheel races
  • Rider weight limit 250lbs
  • Available in 700c
  • Track compatible
  • MSRP - Front: $1500
  • Includes titanium skewer
  • 700c only, tubular only, front wheel only (2014)

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