HED. H3 Tubular

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The H3 has propelled more Grand Tour riders to the podium than any other wheel. Why? It is not a secret. The H3 is the ultimate in all wind conditions. Whether it is a headwind, crosswind, or tailwind, the H3 is fast. Other wheels (even our own) are certainly speedy, but all other wheels have a specific wind range where they excel. The H3 offers speed no matter where the wind is. The pros know this, and many count on the H3 as their no compromise TT wheel choice.

Our H3 wheels offer full on aero performance in any conditions. The key to the wide range of performance is the combination of a 55mm deep rim section, the airfoil section spokes and the smooth transitions between the two. The 55mm deep rim keeps drag low at shallow yaw angles. When the yaw angle goes past 15° the aero spokes work to keep the wheel from stalling, and drag stays flat. The optimum wind angle for the H3 is an amazing. Tubulars are offered in either alloy rim cap or all carbon.

  • Alloy Clincher or Full carbon Tubular
  • 19mm rim width profile
  • Fits the narrowest bike frames
  • Fastest wheel option for non disc wheel races
  • Titanium Skewer included
  • Rider weight limit 250lbs
  • Available in 700c or 650c
  • Track model available
  • MSRP - Front: $1300 - Rear: $1400
  • Color Customization Options


Weights (g): Front: 745 - Rear: 820
Width: 19mm
Depth 54mm

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